BASICS: Get the Most from Your Web Dollar

Google and the other search engines serve the public —your customers.
It makes sense to work with them.

Search engines are the go between in the library of the internet. Sometimes they're the hot librarian; sometimes they're the cold card catalog.

Sure people can get to your site if they type your domain name. But for everybody else —new customers and customers who haven't bookmarked your site— search engines are what gets people to your site.

Search engines have already researched your site and done the information shopping for the searching public. In other words, your site, your business, gets judged before the public sees it!

As I was explaining to one of my esteemed clients, Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) have the business necessity of serving up the most likely thing that the searching public wants.

There's a whole set of formulas that your site gets robotically tested on. This is what's behind the position ranking on search engines —how high your business comes up in prominence, compared to competitors.

If these search engines just serve up any old site, people will get frustrated with them, not use them, and there goes the search engine's advertising revenue. That's why there's ranking. Unfair at times, but it's intended to save viewers from disappointments:

• Little info
• Info too basic
• Not updated in years —zombie sites
• Little evidence of authoritative info (no back links; not widely referenced by other sites).
• Not involving or interesting to viewers.

Why does this seem like voodoo bullshit? For the same reason that many people will think that miles-per-gallon rating is all about the car engine, but won't understand that under-inflated tires can have an effect on miles-per-gallon efficiency. They don't think "big-picture," and until somebody takes the time to explain it, it's not on their learning radar.

And why do I make the effort to explain these things? In the hopes that you'll hire me to make some competitive, 21st-century, business moves. I may have previously tried to explain these things, but in a sort of "shorthand," and that's not fully thoughtful of me.

But for those of you who like conspiracy theories, yes, the Amish paid me to influence you. You were getting uncomfortably close to their "style territory." You had a few old-timey business moves, and were creating confusion with the real Amish. Please shave. Please dress a bit more trendy, too.
Happy Holidays.

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