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You can get a taste of my plain-talk communication in a live interview I did here, June 19th, 2014: I"m sure you"ll come away knowing a bit more about graphic design.


No amount of cleverness will get anyone to think any of the other guides are more important than pricing. So let"s talk pricing. Want more, in-depth info: pricing. This page also includes facility for PayPal payment.


The nearly universal challenge for a client in print, but especially in web, is not cost, it"s CONTENT. Synchromesh would rather help you develop the info or story you need to communicate than sell you an empty shell of a web site or print piece. Sometimes it"s called marketing; sometimes it"s fun job of rethinking what you"ve got and how your customers like it portrayed.

• what you might want and need in a web site; the workings of a web site and working with a designer
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• refining a solution for a music marketing message. Here"s an example. Do you know which CD design look you"d pick?
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catalogs • menus • flyers • posters • CD packages • web sites
• web e-mails • advertisements –print & web • photos