Synchromesh Design PRICING

No amount of cleverness will get anyone to think any of the other guides are more important than pricing. So let's talk pricing.

Synchromesh pricing is based on three factors:
complexity of work • cost of related materials used (software and all) • time

This has proven to be fair to all. There's a whole different amount of work/software-hardware support/training/time involved in seemingly same tasks. For example, changing some plain text on a web page, and changing some titling in a video or Flash animation. The video and Flash have usually much more involved.

So, our pricing ranges from $25 to $50 per hour, generally, as of mid-year 2013. (What tradesman do you know that charges less than that?) Oh, and there are the most basic categories of work that are charged even less. You can figure out what costs less and what costs more. You, of course, would be interested in how much work can be done in an hour —or half hour. IF you start with a small amount of work as a trial, you'll find it very reassuring that a good amount of work can get done and you'll soon be able to predict how much similar jobs will cost.

All pricing is timed, with —except in rare cases— no minimums. Down to the minute! Estimates are free and distinctly itemized. You are never signing a blank check or opening yourself to endless dependency.

Discounts and Freebies: When your job makes more enjoyable work, or better work or work that attracts more clients, then nice discounts and freebies are awarded more frequently. In any case, Synchromesh Design gives more than you expect. The top ways to generate these niceties are:

1. Responsive communication. Communicate what you want. Put aside time to take your job seriously and make choices and decisions. Ask to have questions and options explained any time; happy to do that. Acknowledge calls and e-mails, if you can't respond in a day or two, let us know.

2. Size and regularity of the account. Larger and/or more active accounts generate more rewards.

3. Attractiveness of the account. Will viewers and new prospective customers get charged up by your job? Are you open to unique or showcase work or just the most basic functionality? Are you an enthusiastic participant, or grudging? Are you cooperative in making outstanding design and contemporary marketing examples, or do you frequently request the "square wheel" or something that will not function well in today's world? Do you do your own research in making decisions and requests, or do you need options displayed in intensive demonstrations or questionnaires? Are you designing ny committee? Are you accustomed to the value of print and web communication or do you feel you are gambling in the dark and need to be won over?

If you are, in fact asking for it all —the Executive Extra-Care Package— you understand you are paying the Executive Pricing.

In addition, Synchromesh champions accounts. If an opportunity for a client comes our way, we're thrilled to tip off our clients.


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